Prioritizing What Really Matters

So, I’ve been blogging for exactly one week, and post number 3 is 12 hours late… not the best start. But you know what? I’m giving myself a hard pass on this one. Why? Because I had some stuff to do that was more important.

Just over a year ago I had the chance to attend a Productivity and Life Purpose Workshop led by my good friend, former co-worker, and forever fellow Golden Hawk – Michael Pietrzak. One of the exercises he walked the group through involved the use of a Prioritization Grid; if you had asked me that very morning what my top priorities were – I’d have listed “work” right at the top, but when stacked up against family (and by extension friends who are like family) it gets knocked down a few pegs.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my work, it lets me fulfill so much of my purpose in this life, helping and supporting people, contributing to Canada’s Not-for-Profit Sector, leading and inspiring people – but all that ranks under the people I love most. By extension, this blog, and my creative endeavors, while important parts of who I am, must take a back seat (at appropriate times) to those I hold most dear.

I should have written a post yesterday morning and had it teed-up and ready to go at 8am this morning, following my self-imposed schedule of posting on this blog at 8am on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. But instead, I chose to spend the last couple of days digging in with some pretty important people.

You’ll often hear me give the advice, that “you need to put on your own oxygen mask first”, I started my Saturday as I do most Saturdays – ensuring that I have enough fresh, healthy food to fuel my week. This is a short-week for me meal-prep wise as I’ll be out-of-town at a conference for the latter half of the week. A quick trip to my local Longo’s got that sorted.

I’m very lucky that while I lost my Grandmother many years ago, a few of her siblings remain, and two of them live nearby. I saw my Great-Uncle last weekend, but still won’t pass up a quick trip to Oshawa to visit my Great-Aunt. Bonus: my God-Father sent me home with a meal’s worth of fresh Callaloo and enough plants to keep me in leafy greens for the summer.

On the way home, we did a quick detour to check out a Farm Boy Grocery Store – a first for me, but necessary as I support Canada’s position on NAFTA negotiations and am looking to keep my dollars at home – I wanted to assess the claim that it is Canada’s answer to Trader Joes. Not quite, but I found a few items I’m eager to taste-test.

As an introvert, I’ve resolved to spend more time with people, it is all too easy for me to spend my time, right where I am now, behind the keyboard, living my life online; its an actual New Years (and Mid-Year Reset) Resolution of mine, and I track it just like I do my goals for drinking water, or doing morning pages. Last night I had the chance to spend a few hours with an old friend from Elementary School, her husband and adorable kids; playing “catch” with a toddler is far more pressing than typing a blog post.

Again, this morning, I left the computer untouched, choosing instead to combine two of my other priorities, spending time with my mom and indulging my creative side by admiring art. I hope many of my TO-dwelling friends also made it down to Nathan Phillips Square this weekend for the Toronto Outdoor Art Festival; I’m also pleased to have had an opportunity to take in the temporary Medicine Wheel that has been added to the Toronto Sign to celebrate Aboriginal Heritage.

A jam-packed weekend, with lots of quality time with family, friends and the community. I’m sure glad I lived it because it gave me the opportunity to share so many quick little stories with all of you. Happy Sunday (evening) everyone!

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