Prioritization vs Procrastination

It’s a busy time of year for me, I was away from my desk for a few days last week attending a conference and I am running a conference that starts next Sunday Afternoon. So why did I spend three hours on Sunday Morning cooking? Because I prioritized healthy eating, much as last week I prioritized professional development.

It is important to be able to identify those items that can and should be priorities in our lives; from my personal prioritization of family above all else (which I talked a bit about in a previous post), to my prioritization of healthy eating this week – after over indulging while out of town last week – to ensure that I am fueled and focused for the work week ahead, to my absolute commitment to getting this blog updated on-time this week (even though it means that Today’s post and Thursday’s post were actually written on Sunday afternoon).

I know, however, that it is all too easy for me to confuse prioritization with procrastination. I know that I need to keep my finances tracked and balanced, my schedule up to date, my meals prepped, and my outfits preselected, in order to be at my best each week; but, I also must own that weeding my garden, restacking my t-shirts in rainbow order, or keeping all my pencils sharp, while creating a less stressful environment can also be a crutch I use to avoid doing real work.

Ultimately, an act that is productive, can also be procrastination, when it is mis-prioritized ahead of an item that is urgent, or at the very least important and timely. I often find myself asking how so much got done on a given day, yet so many important time-blocks have been sifted into tomorrow, or another date this week. The answer of course, is another one of the “Big P Words” – Perfection.

Each and every day, I need to stay honest with myself, and aware of those tasks that on some level I fear I may not be able to complete to my own standard – particularly when the standard I have set for myself is beyond the standard that has been reasonably set for me by others. Some days it is important to remember that “Done is better than Perfect”.

When you look back on what you’ve done today, ask yourself, not only “did I do my best work”? but also “did I get done first, what was most important to get done now”?

2 thoughts on “Prioritization vs Procrastination”

  1. You make a great point. I had not thought of it this way, but I know I am guilty of doing other projects when others are more important.
    Thank you for this new train of thought!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! It can be difficult to do the “hard stuff” when a project we are better at, or more likely to complete to our standards, is also on the ol’ to-do list.

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