Planning To Be Flexible

The blog post you are reading right now is not the post I originally intended to post on this final Sunday morning in August, in fact, the post that went live on Wednesday was what you should have been reading right now.

So how did this happen? Last Sunday I wrote a post on taking risks and scheduled it to go live today, but things happen, and in working with the Management team at work we determined that I really could take a few hours off on Saturday morning; at the same time I just crashed on Tuesday evening (when I commonly write my Wednesday post) and was suffering from such epic writers block that I just couldn’t write anything.

Again yesterday (or today as I’m writing), I almost got completely derailed, when I scaled back from posting three times a week to two times a week, I promised myself I would stay on schedule; it’s a funny thing about gardening, everything ripens right when it chooses with no regard for your carefully crafted schedule. Last night I found myself staring at a basket of VERY ripe tomatoes (and a fridge full of overripe avocados – although that is another story all together) and knew that this morning was NOT going to go as planned.

Its 11am, I need to leave home in less than 3 hours to be at my Cousin’s wedding on-time, I probably won’t do the committee work I need to do for a cause I care about, nor will I have time to reset some weekly planning I had hoped to do today (in my own office – with access to the embarrassing number of coloured pencils and markers, and washi tape, and…). But I am making sure that I write this blog, and more important I have sauce cooling on the stove, and tubs of fresh guac in the fridge (and freezer) nothing is going to spoil.

So, what does all of this have to do with the lighter life? Well, quite a bit really, since I plan for my plans to get blown all to hell. I leave whitespace in my calendar blocking (last weekend I used some of it to take a much-needed nap), living with less means that I cleaned my kitchen counters in less than 5 minutes (my pre-cooking ritual) because appliances are stowed out of site or have been donated to our local thrift store, and I give myself the greatest gift I can – flexibility and (I try to give myself) the same level of empathy I would extend to others.

Keeping on schedule, and careful planning help me keep a busy life moving, and to get-s**t-done, but I still plan to be flexible, because life happens. Give yourself a break.

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