Finding My Inner Cricket: Why Everyone Needs to be Listening to the Clutter Bug

A couple of weeks ago I came across a TED talk (video) by Cassandra Aarssen the founder and professional organizer behind Clutterbug. I NEEDED to know more.

At first I thought I was a Ladybug (just like Cassandra) because, let’s face it, try as I might to always stand up for myself and “put my own oxygen mask on first”, I’m a people pleaser – even if the other person doesn’t even know I exist.

Then I learned (by taking the Clutterbug Mini Course) that I’m a Cricket – and the lightbulbs burst on with the burning light of a thousand suns! Just like the Ladybug I crave visual simplicity, but I’m really searching for organizational abundance. However, being a Perfectionist, I can get what Cassandra calls “Perfection Paralysis” and simply stop organizing before I start.

Yes, my dirty little secret, is that those areas of my life that are organized will stay organized, I will follow the system; BUT if I don’t already have a system in place my “stuff” will just pile up while I wait to have the time to “put everything away properly.” And, once I have a system, goodness help the other Clutterbugs (sorry Mom) who can’t seem to put things back exactly where I like them.

The reason that traditional Marie Kondo-esque systems work for me, is that they are designed for my clutter-type, I have no issues with decluttering and purging stuff, but I have a huge issue with managing my perfectionism – and of course this isn’t the only area of my life where this is a problem.

PLUS, I am a high creative, who is constantly being inspired by new ideas, and wanting to do EVERYTHING and do it well. I absolutely loved the Organizing Tips and Ideas for Crickets (video) and the signature Clutterbug extra at the end of the video really spoke to this mildly ADHD tendency I have always had to go casting about after the next big idea. I need to prioritize, and I loved the Cricket tip of keeping a bag or box with the items I need for an in-progress project.

I can’t recommend enough that you take the time to learn your Clutterbug Type – take the quiz on the Clutterbug Website; take the Mini Course currently available FOR FREE; and share what’s working for you.

For me: my next steps are to work on the areas where I still don’t have a system (and cut myself some slack) by creating macro systems that I can further refine overtime, to learn to work with other Clutterbug Types, and if I can stay focused long enough, to take Cassandra’s fully Accredited Organizing Experts Course.

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