Embracing Leap Day 2020

I used to think of Leap Years only for their functionality, a day, once every four years, that helps keep our days, weeks, months and years perfectly timed with our Planet’s trips around the sun; ensuring that an Earth Year never gets too far out of sync with where we really are in the trip – or something like that. My knowledge of the function of the Earth Year lies more in my previous study of Astrology, than it does in any sort of actual science.

It’s a bit surprising given my lifelong interest and occasional study into Pagan, Spiritual, and other non-Judeo-Christian traditions; that it took an Amy Adams movie Leap Year, to get me to home in on the beliefs and traditions that surround February 29th.

This year, as I find myself refocusing and living more consciously around habits, self empowerment themes, and small changes; I find myself also wondering, how can I harness the good in Leap Day? While not all cultures embrace today as being lucky, some cultures believe that it is a day for Women to take chances (mostly romantic) that they would not otherwise take.

In 2020, there are of course many romantic traditions that are still rooted firmly in the “masculine” and “feminine” to be sure; but with society evolving and changing, surely, everyone (regardless of gender identification) can harness this Carpe Diem theme to further their best life.

Here’s what I’m planning to do today:

Build Relationships: this dovetails well with my ongoing habit (which I track to hold myself accountable) of spending time with those who are most important to me – my friends and family. I’m going to take a long-hard look at my “to connect” “to reschedule” “to follow-up” list of important people in my life and reach out. A relationship need not be a romantic one, in order to require conscious effort and maintenance.

Take Risks: this year I decided that while I still have self-improvement goals (and shouldn’t we all), I am going to also take concrete steps to love and care for the person I am today – for me the biggest single manifestation of this is my weight, my rational brain knows that I will be no more loveable if I reach my fitness goals, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying – will I be judged at the gym, will I be judged if I embrace body positivity, will I be judged by potential romantic partners? Its hella cold out today, so some of these might be more plans than immediate actions, but I’ll be looking for places to confidently take up space.

Seize the Day: every 4 years we get an extra 24 hours. A whole extra day, to be productive, to make plans, or simply to take some time to relax and “indulge” in self-care. I know that I find calm and experience less anxiety when I live in an organized environment – witness me alphabetizing my spice rack when life starts to run away from me – I will look for ways to set or re-set the habits and systems that make my life seem more in control.

Carpe Diem my friends, what will you do today to make the most of these magical 24 hours?