In 2017 I lost 70lbs and discarded over half of my possessions, in 2018 and beyond I’m living a lighter life. I believe that the more we lighten the load, the more we clear the clutter, the more we let light and “lite” into our lives, the better and more fulfilling our lives will be.

I’ll be sharing recipes, updates, projects, motivation, and to keep it balanced some of the failures and the cheat meals. I also intend to use this forum to post essays because keeping all of the ideas bouncing around in my mind is no less distracting than keeping a messy desk.

I’m dairy-free and trying to live more plant based, I believe that our diet can heal as much as it can harm. I consciously feed my digestive system lots of fibre and live bacterial cultures, and I avoid eating foods that can harm my gut flora especially processed foods and animal proteins raised with antibiotics.

This is my journey, on a quest to live The Lighter Life, shedding clutter and stress, to achieve a more fulfilling and productive life.