Welcome to The Lighter Life, a simple living philosophy I’ve developed, and continue to work to improve.

In 2015 I was burned out, had just changed jobs, completed my designation, and was spreading myself too thin: my solution was to institute ‘The Year of Sloth’ to give myself the time to refocus, rebalance, and reengage with my priorities. Giving myself the spaces I needed wasn’t easy, it meant saying ‘no’ to a lot of things that were expected of me, so that I could say ‘yes’ to the things that mattered to me.

In 2017 having found my footing, and taken the time to really examine what was and wasn’t working in my life, I lost 70lbs and discarded about 70% of my possessions, since 2018 I have made continuous efforts (big and small) to live THE LIGHTER LIFE; and, I’ve begun to find a more perfect balance.

Everyone needs to approach this life at their own pace, and in their own way, finding the habits, systems and routines that work for them. Through the Lighter Life, I share what’s working for me, and in the interest of balance I also share some of the things that stop working, or are just out and out failures.